Best-in-Class Flow Wrap Machines and Packaging Solutions

Our robust solutions can be adapted to your medium to high-speed production needs, including flow pack wrappers and custom food packaging solutions, while optimizing the highest level of OEE.

Accumulating and Buffering Systems

The accumulating and buffering solutions have a large storage capacity for the products coming in either aligned rows or chaos. They can be horizontal or vertical, but in both cases, the packaging system’s line performance increases.

Distributing and Feeding

Distribution systems perfectly manage the products coming in either chaos or aligned rows from the processing line. Fully automatic applications are available, able to feed one or more wrapping legs.

Slug and Pile Feeders

These systems are high-performance application driven solutions able to guarantee automatic feeding of the host wrapping machine. These applications can form single and multiple piles and portions in slugs.

Horizontal Flow Wrap Machines

Cavanna offers electronic wrapping machines that fit any custom-made production. Solutions are available for flat, slug or piled products. Our patented Twin Slim allows for half the space and half the labor of a conventional flow wrapping system.

Multiple-axis robot used both in primary and secondary wrapping

Cavanna designs, builds, and integrates both 2-axis and delta robots for both primary and secondary packaging.

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