Unique Solutions

Our R&D team works with you to come up with the perfect flow wrapper automation system for your specific needs.

Adaptable for Production Needs

Each of our flow wrapper automation systems can be adapted to your medium to high-speed production needs.

Suited for Chaos or Aligned Processing Lines

No two businesses work the same, so you don’t need to change your product output to use Cavanna solutions: fully automated flow wrapper applications are available and capable of dealing with either chaos or aligned rows of products.

Fits Perfectly in Your Space

Our patented Twin Slim flow wrapper automation system fits in half the space of competitor units and provides the benefit of needing only half the labor of a conventional flow wrapping system.

Global Knowledge with Local Service

As a global flow wrapper automation company, our turn-key solutions are created with the best R&D in the world, but our local service centers and engineering teams make maintenance and set-up easier than ever.

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