Cracker and biscuit packaging built with the highest overall equipment effectiveness

There is a reason Cavanna is regarded as a leader in custom packaging solutions: Our custom, turn-key packaging machinery is trusted by producers around the world. We are committed to creating only the highest quality biscuit and cracker packaging equipment that our customers can rely on. Our machinery features sanitary design, stainless steel, and Poka-Yoke full-caustic washdown construction to ensure ease of operation and product longevity. When you purchase Cavanna biscuit packaging machines for your facility, you’re also gaining support from a team of expert service engineers. We’re here to help keep your machines up and running for the long term.

Equipment for Cracker and Biscuit Packaging


This versatile machine allows for both piles and slugs to be wrapped with an all-electronic changeover.

TSL Tray and slug loader

This system is ideally suited for biscuits wire cut, rotary moulded and sandwich cookies. The unique “Traffic Cop” will balance the lanes so that every tray cell and/or slug has the correct count of biscuits.

Zero 5 NKZ Slug Wrapper

Cavanna’s flagship Zero 5 flow wrapper is a field proven, heavy duty high speed workhorse.

Products at Work

Notable features of our cracker and biscuit packaging machine

Sanitary Design

It’s easy to stay clean and safe with Cavanna’s sanitary machinery. Our slug and pile machines are designed to allow easy access to key components for cleaning.

Poka-Yoke Systems

Accuracy and efficiency are at the heart of Cavanna’s cracker and biscuit packaging machines. Our equipment supports your facility’s productivity and profitability.

Engineer Support

Our team of product engineers is here to support your operation by ensuring component replacements are accurate and timely.

Custom Biscuit and Cracker Packaging Equipment

Let’s design biscuit and cracker machines fit for your facility. Our engineers will take your production requirements into account while creating custom designs for your company to ensure ultimate productivity and efficiency.

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