Efficient snack food packaging machines that don’t compromise on quality

Trusted by snack cake manufacturers around the world, Cavanna is here to provide custom turn-key snack food packaging solutions that optimize efficiency while ensuring equipment longevity. Our snack food packaging machines are built to ensure sterility while never compromising on productivity. Key components are easy to reach and clean in the event of interruptions in production, and if you need a part replacement, our team is here to support your production with quick-turnaround replacements. We offer customizable snack food packaging machinery including accumulation, row removal and cartoning systems.

Equipment for snack food packaging solutions

Trombone Buffer

Creating a buffer zone between sorting machinery, our accumulation conveyors efficiently keep product consolidated and ready to be moved up or downstream.

Row Removal

Ideal machine to include if your facility is packaging snack cakes and other baked goods. Row removal systems quickly organize and move snack items from ovens and into wrapping stations.

Cartoning System

We can customize your cartoning systems based on your snack products. Whether you need standalone machines or integrated systems, our cartoning machinery is a great addition.

Products at Work

Notable features of our snack food packaging machines

Sanitary Design

Cavanna’s packaging machines are all designed to be easy and accessible for cleaning. Ultimate cleanliness is a top priority for you, so it’s a priority for us, too.

Poka-Yoke Systems

Precision and efficiency keep your facility productive and profitable. All of our snack food packaging machines are built with Poka Yoke systems that minimize errors.

Engineer Support

When you need a part replacement, our team is ready to help. Our engineers are here to support your facility’s productivity.

Custom snack food packaging solutions

We want to meet your facility’s needs to ensure you can sustain maximum productivity. We’ll account for all your production requirements while designing your equipment. No matter your product — we can create a solution that fits your facility and production needs.

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