Cavanna designs and produces turn-key systems and flow wrap machines for your sandwich production needs, ensuring safe, efficient packaging

In food packaging, there are two main priorities: keeping everything clean and keeping it chilled. That’s why we build our sandwich packaging machines with the strictest international quality and safety standards in mind. This compliance is backed by user-friendly Poka-Yoke sanitary washdown designs that make cleaning straightforward and changeover easy. When you work with Cavanna, you work with a team that shows its dedication to your production with as-needed quick turnaround replacement parts and on-demand support.

Sandwich packaging and wrapping machines

Full Washdown Execution

Our solutions for sandwich lines are designed to be in a USDA washdown application. We have a rich history of building solutions for sandwich assembly where daily caustic foaming with a warm water rinse is needed to ensure food safety. This includes the entire line and the flow wrapper greatly reducing costly downtime related to water damage.

Horizontal Flow Wrap Machines

Electronic motion flow wrapping machines capable of fitting any custom sandwich production line needs. Our industry leading solutions are designed to hold up to daily caustic washdown in a meat and dairy application for flow wrapping.

Multiple-Axis Robots

Our G41 cartoning and case packing machine greatly reduces the labor on a sandwich assembly line allowing our customers to be the lowest cost producer of flow wrapped sandwiches.

Notable features of our sandwich wrapping machines

Caustic Washdown Solutions

No more worrying about manually wiping down your flow wrapping systems. Our sandwich packaging machines can be cleaned quickly using a caustic washdown solution and warm water rinse, keeping things moving.

Poka-Yoke Systems

All our food packaging equipment is made with Poka-Yoke sanitary washdown designs that are expertly built to respond to errors before they even occur. Mistake-proofing your sandwich wrapping means loss-proofing your bottom line.

Custom sandwich packaging machines

Your packaging needs are as unique as you are. Our engineering team is ready to support your growth through the testing, training, and revamping required in the development of an ideal custom packaging solution. Whatever the product, whatever the production–we’ve got you covered.

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