Cavanna is a trusted leader in turn-key flow wrapping and cartoning machinery for medium to large-scale manufacturers, including equipment for meat and cheese packaging. Our systems are made for easy cleanup and sanitation, providing your company with flow wrapping, cartoning and case packaging solutions that exceed your expectations. See how our engineers can design a packaging equipment solution for your meat and cheese products that keeps you on time and ensures your products are handled with the utmost care.

Meat and Cheese Packaging Machines

Zero 4 SS washdown

Cavanna has been building full caustic washdown flow wrapping packaging machines and equipment for meat and cheese for decades. Our solutions are designed to be washed with foaming chemicals and a warm water rinse.

Our Products at Work

Notable features of Cavanna’s meat and cheese packaging equipment

Poka-Yoke caustic washdown execution built utilizing IP 69 components.

Sanitary Design

We pride ourselves on food safety, ensuring our machinery is easy to clean and sanitize. We value the importance you have on keeping your worksite contaminant-free.

MAP Solutions

Our MAP solution provides our customers with an increased shelf life for meat and cheese applications.

Custom Solutions

Designing and building the perfect custom meat and cheese packaging machines and equipment for your facility is what our engineers do best. We use your specific production requirements and facility size to create equipment that will work perfectly for your team.

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