As a trusted candy bar packaging machine supplier, Cavanna provides packaging solutions in medium to large-scale manufacturing applications to producers globally. We increase candy bar packaging efficiency with buffering solutions allowing for faster speed. Our candy bar packaging machinery has a high level of sanitation and cleanability, which is incredibly important when handling food items.

Equipment for candy bar packaging

Zero 5 system

Our scalable solutions for candy bar packaging can be utilized by medium to large-scale producers of chocolate, protein, nutritional and granola bars. Our solutions are utilized worldwide by medium to large-scale co-manufacturers and brand owners alike.


Our G41 top-load cartoner is ideally paired with our flow wrapping solutions at medium to high speeds. On this industry-leading solution, we can run small cartons all the way up to large bulk totes for variety pack purposes.

Our Products at Work

Notable features of candy bar packaging machines

Cavanna builds and designs FIFO, LILO vertical and horizontal buffers for candy bars. We build chicaning systems, row distribution solutions, light contact or no-contact feeders as well as the best-in-class flow wrappers. These solutions are scalable and can include our top-load cartoning and case-packing equipment.

Engineer Support

We are always ready to support your facility with any equipment issues. We’ll handle filling replacement parts quickly and efficiently.

Cavanna’s custom candy bar packaging solutions

Creating custom-built packaging machines for your facility is what we do best. We’ll make sure your candy bar packaging machines are a perfect fit for your facility. Our engineers will take your production requirements and create custom designs for your company to ensure increased productivity and efficiency.

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